About me...

My name is Agustin Baretto, but you can call me Gus! I am a Computer Science Engineer and I am interested in Social Networks, Entrepreneurship and Research. I have worked for several years in the IT Industry as a Developer, Business Analyst and Project Manager.

I have a Master of Science in Technical Entrepreneurship and Management at University of Rochester and I was part of Human-Computer Interaction Research Team.


...that you couldn't find by your own means on my LinkedIn profile.

I am very active person, a Jack-of-All-Trades who likes to be involved in as many activities as possible. I have done many jobs before working in IT (dishwasher, sous chef, hostel concierge, life-drawing instructor, bilingual callcenter agent) and I had fun in all of them. But none was so rewarding as being a tech geek.

I love my profession, I feel happy for being able to turn my ideas into reality with just some lines of code and though I sometimes do not enjoy programming, I always end up getting my hands dirty (it's a kind of love-hate thing we have).

I am also an artist, I do oil painting and from time to time I get on stage to perform some Standup Comedy or to play the guitar in a crazy covers band called "Rulos".

I am open to any proposals related to work, research or art... so contact me if you have a tempting offer!


Product Management & Business Analysis
100% Complete
Project Management (Agile, SCRUM)
90% Complete
Web Programming (PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS)
80% Complete
60% Complete
10% Complete